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I have some big and exciting news to share. As of today, I'm leaving CofD to go back to my old blog My Fashion Inspiration.


When I look back at the time I had with the CofD team, it is filled with great memories. I made new friends, got to blog for the biggest Dutch blog platform, travelled to London for LFW and done some great collaborations. I would like to thank  founder Anouk for giving me such a great opportunity. It was not an easy decision I made when I decided to leave CofD, but I decided it might be cool to have a small independent blog again. You all might have noticed the silence lately (thank you to those who requested posts btw!) and the reason for the silence is because we have been working on creating my new blog. I am super excited about taking the step into a new blog and I can hardly wait to share it all with you. 
If you are already following me on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, don't worry, you don't have to change anything. If you follow my blog through a feed reader (rss) then make sure you follow the feed from the new site. 
And then there is only one thing left to do, go visit the new blog:

Beauty | Lancôme Mascara


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This mascara has been my go to mascara since I first started using make-up when I was 13 (read one layer of mascara). Over the years I have tried countless brands, but I always keep coming back to this particular brand and type. Maybe it has something to do with being loyal to a brand, maybe it just simply reminds me of when I was younger, but I actually think that it has to do with quality. For me, there is only one mascara that works, and it is this one. It is a little bit pricey, but luckily I travel to Norway and back again a lot, so I always make sure to buy one (or three) at the tax free shop. Get it here